Electro blues mini mix

A mini-mix sampler from CD1 of the double album compilation ELECTRO BLUES – Vol 1. available for download too!

The album will be out on February 25th 2013, on Freshly Squeezed. It is not a DJ mix, but as they say in Freshly Squeezed: “Think of it more as a lazy person’s listening post!”

Take a few minutes to listen how it sounds and enjoy. Tracklist embedded on the mix.



FRESHLY SQUEEZED is a Brighton-based British independent record label and music publisher. From compilations like the White Mink : Black Cotton series to quirky and individual artists like Swing Republic, Kid Kasino, JFB, Jem Stone, Swingrowers or The Correspondents, the label has always led the way in fusing vintage influences with contemporary production.


Written by Ana


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