First 3D printing pen

3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen, costs 50 dolars and gives a whole new perspective to art, designing and creativity.



As affordable as 3D printers have become, they are still out of reach for most people. That is why this 3D pen could probably be the best soultion for all of your creative ideas.

Imagine a hot glue gun, but shaped like very thick marker with the ability to print a fine line of plastics. By removing the complex mechanisms that move the printhead, the electronics to control it, and the structure that houses it, 3Doodler is in range for anyone with a passion for making.

The device acts a bit like a magic wand. Shapes can be drawn in the air, and because the plastic cools quickly, 3-D models take shape before your eyes. More advanced structures can be created by drawing sub-components on flat surfaces, then combining them into impressively large sculptures with dollops of melted plastic. The “ink” for this pen is the same ABS or PLA filament used by the MakerBot and other fused-filament-style fabricators, but packaged into a familiar marker-style interface.



Here you can support the project and get yourself 3Doodler to start showing your creativity.


Written by Ana

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