Daily Archives: March 4, 2013


Allan Savory speaking about how to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change.

Truth and Soul Records: Lady – ‘Get Ready’ (45 Edit)

The transatlantic duo of Nicole Wray and Terri Walker, better know as Lady, has recently gave us something nice to enjoy. Of course, it’s their wonderful soul music and yes, now it is finally available!

Jazz for Babies

No more dreaded music box or computerized baby music albums with poorly produced synthetic sounds! Whirlwind Recordings has something brand new for you and it’s called…

“Thanks For Trying” out soon!

DJ and producer The Last Skeptik is about ready to release his new album, “Thanks For Trying”. It is expected to come out in April this year, on BBE Records.

Dimensions Accommodation – on sale

Rrent a private apartment or villa, stay in a holiday home, hotel, hostel or in the nearby campsite. There is something to suit every budget.

Florida Villa, Alicante, Spain

Grand Designs Abroad saw Kevin McCloud travelling overseas as different people set out to create their dream homes.

The Sun

Feeling a bit tired of winter, snow and cold days without much sun, a bit depressed and without energy? Scientists say that the main reason for such feelings is the sun you are missing.