Simply the best: home made cosmetics

Did you know that almost each hair care product can be made at home, using only supplies from nature? Yes, it is possible and here you can find out how…

prirodna kozmetika


To make your hair look amazingly beautiful, the best way is to use cosmetics that come from nature.

Herbal shampoos 

All kinds of dirt and dust gets in our hair without us even noticing it until the moment our hair looks greasy. To prevent that and  clean your hair maximally, the day before you plan to wash your hair, try putting on warm (but be careful not to put too warm) olive oil and massage your head and hair front to back and vice versa. That’s how you’ll release the scurf and all the dead cells you didn’t even know you have.

When washing your hair, never irrigate intensely. Even though it takes more time and patience to wash the shampoo off this way, you’ll be amazed with the results!

If you are scared that the shampoo will get into your eyes, try putting some vaseline or some greasy cream on your forehead and around your eyes. That will prevent the liquid getting into your eyes.

One more important thing: never rub your hair with a towel, just dry it by covering your hair with a towel and leaving it that way for about 10 minutes.

Recipe for herbal shampoos

Take one teaspoon of nettles, one of rosemary, one of camomile and one of peach leaves and put it all together into a ceramic cup. Add half liter of boiling water, cover with a lit and leave it that way for about 15 to 20 minutes. Pour it out and add grinded Marseilles soap while the liquid is still hot so melt inside.

If you want to know one more way how you can make a natural shampoo then the best would be to use soapworts. It is a herb that you can plant in your own garden, but one that can also be found wild, in the nature. If you cook its leaves and crust you’ll see where all the bubbles and foam comes from – it is definitely one of the best shampoos nature has to offer!



Saponaria / soapwort


Cook 100 to 120 grams of small pieces of crust in half a liter of distilled water until half of that water  boils down. Filtrate it and that’s it – the natural herbal shampoo you made is ready to use. The amount of it should be enough to use it several times.

There’s another way of making natural shampoo at home, only this one has no foam or bubbles. Stir one or two eggs and add two spoons of glycerin and 6 drops of almond oil. Brush your hair and then split it into locks (not thicker then 2cm). Put the mixture on your haid and then brush your hair gently again (so you spread the mixture everywhere).  After that, your haed and hair will be more then thankful if you massage it gently for some time (10 minutes should be enough). Carefully wash out the shampoo. Watch out that the water is not too hot and try to find the coolest one your head can take. Otherwise your eggs might get cooked on your head and that is something you don’t want.

Washing your hair with vinegar 

The combination of vinegar and water is probably the best one when it comes to washing off the shampoo and it is probably that way because the vinegar brings back the balance of acid on the skin of your scalp, meaning that the skin of our scalp is normally acid, while the soap is alkaline. When we wash our hair, the skin of the scalp gets alkaline  and it takes 24 hours to get back the acid. Vinegar helps and does the same thing immediately so you don’t have to wait a day. Besides, the vinegar is also mildly antiseptic.

To get the proper mixture, put half a glass of vinegar into one liter of warm water (but be careful not to have it too warm). Pour it on your head gently. This has to be done after the hair has already been washed with clean water.

Also, if you don’t like the smell of it, you can add some flowers or other herbs so the mixture of vinegar and water will also give a nice perfumed touch to your hair at the end. If you have flowers in the form of oil, several drops should be enough for one liter of water.


Written by Ana

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