And the winner is…

The people of New York have spoken. They’ve chosen a spiffy new payphone design with free Wi-Fi access and interactive advertising as the winner of a Reinvent Payphones design challenge.


Unfortunatelly, the People’s Choice award doesn’t guarantee that this design, dubbed NYFi, will ever see the light of day. The city has said that the concepts from the design contest will “help shape the future of New York City payphones.”

The proposed NYFi design comes in two models, one for commercial districts and a smaller version for residential and historic areas. It would be based on an open software platform with modular hardware that could replace bus tickets machines, Muni Meters, MetroCard machines, assistance kiosks and bicycle share stations.

NYC put out a call for designs to its public phone system late last year. 15 submissions were chosen as semi-finalists to demo their prototypes at at a Demo Day last week and then the popular choice winner was decided by the all-important Facebook page vote.

NYFi originally won the award for Best Connectivity. Other designs won for Best Visual Design, Best in Creativity, Best Functionality and Best Community Impact. Best Visual DesignBest in CreativityBest Functionality and BestCommunity Impact.


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