Planes (sneak peek)

Over the last few decades, many studios have tried to create that special vibe in their animation movies, that magic that Pixar studio has, but there is only one Pixar…


Still, it seems that soon we’ll have the chance to see for ourselves if someone can actually create the magic we mentioned.  In fact, Disney has recently released its first teaser for “Planes”, animation movie very much like Pixar’s “Cars” and Pixar has nothing to do with it. Well, almost nothing.

“Planes” were first planned to be released only on DVD, but instead of Pixar taking that job, the project was sent directly to DisneyToon Studio. Now it seems that it didn’t even matter where the project will be done since the main supervisor in DisneyToon Studio for this project is actually Pixar’s boss John Lasseter (the man who’s responasble for “Cars 1” and “Cars 2”).

Even though Pixar is not officially producing “Planes”, their boss Lasseter is obviously the brain of the project.

The movie is supposed to be released on August 9th 2013. and then we’ll see for ourselves if it has been done following those high standards that Pixar has.

In the meantime, here’s the teaser.



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