Larry Heard reissues Gherkin Jerks EPs

Larry Heard will release two out-of-print EPs, “Stomp The Beat” and “1990”, through his own Alleviated Records. It will be out in late April, this year. 

alleviated records

Both records were originally released anonymously as Gherkin Jerks—it wasn’t until later that Heard admitted he was behind them—and remained the only music he produced under that name. “Stomp The Beat” was released in 1988 while “1990” followed a year later through Brett Wilcots and Jim Stivers’s Gherkin Records imprint, which shut up shop in 1991. Heard will now reissue the EPs in partnership with Dutch label/distributor Clone Records, who say that both records have been digitally enhanced.

Listen to “Stomp The Beat” here.

Listen to “1990” here.


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