Our future lies in “Noah’s architecture”?

Due to climate changes that we witness each day, floods of biblical proportions are something that we can think of as our possible  future. The group of architects are trying to save us from that by exploring the options of “Noah’s architecture” – the architecture that sees the next century as fantastic sci-fi resort with floating airports, floating cities and movable settlements. 

noina arka

Pieter Kromwijk is one of the architects from this group that’s dealing with so called “Noah’s architecture”, the group that is exploring how to survive the after effects of global warming. Since these architects see the next century as sci-fi resort, one Belgian expert for vertical farms, Vincent Callebaut, sees the future architecture of Haiti as wavy hills of cubes, all settled on an artificial Caribbean cliff, with balconies and gardens to grow food and with a construction that can endure frequent earthquakes.

He sees Haiti in 22nd century as a sequence of floating ecological cities, all formed in the shape of lotus. These post-apocalypse  islands will be able  to take up to 50000 citizens escaping from climate disasters.

The real question is now how to find investors for building such islands in a country so poor?


Written by Ana

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