The Sign of Four debut album

The Sign of Four is a new creative concept from the Natural Yogurt Band’s Miles Newbold, oscillating and reverberating chaotically through sonic orbs and polyphonic sound textures.The brand new album from is coming out on April 8th, 2013. on Jazzman Records. 



The Sign of Four



Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup is the debut album from The Sign of Four on Jazzman Records and is spread exquisitely across 2×10″ LPs in hand-printed sleeves, digipack CD and digital download formats.

Recorded live at Chicken Shack studios in Nottingham, real musical instruments are used to create a swirling jungle of throbbing palpitations evoking the spaced-out vibes of an unsound mind. It’s an infectious fermentation of debauched instrumental chaos, sometimes calming, but often unnerving, that will leave the listener bewildered, wide-eyed and gasping for more.




Written by Ana

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