MF looking for collaborators

Yes, that’s right, we are looking for collaborators or better said friends who share the same love for inspiration as us. Our team is getting bigger each day so we’d like to offer anyone who wants to be part of it, a chance to share positive vibes that will inspire others…


There’s not any complicated procedure, just contact us at, tell us why you’d like to be part of it and we’ll then contact you with more info. We’ll also welcome you in an inspiration gift so make sure to send us your address and a welcoming gift will be yours.

Our team welcomes anyone with positive thoughts, positive attitude towards life, people, nature… You’ll be able to spread your knowledge about things you discover and love so the greater community finds about it too. Let’s face it, there are so many good things on this world that it is hard to expect everything will find its way to those who are interested in it, but if we do even a little part of it and spread the rumor about quality stuff to at least someone on this planet, our mission is fairly done, right?

Contact us if you have positive informations that you think others should hear about, we’ll welcome you with a gift and you’ll have the chance to spread your thoughts with a great community of positive vibes.


Written by Ana

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