Daily Archives: March 29, 2013

IntroducingLive recreate Daft Punk

IntroducingLive recreate albums previously never performed ‘live’. After DJ Shadows ‘ Endtroducing’ and Mr Scruffs ‘Keep it Unreal’, for 2013 they take on ‘Discovery’ by ‘Daft Punk’.

Tiny but big

This tiny home uses classic and modern design to brilliantly solve the issues of space, plumping, heating, weather-proofing and sustainability that come along with homeownership.

Can Magnets Scramble Computers?

Jonny Phillips investigates the theory that – if powerful enough – a magnet can erase a laptop’s hard drive.

Amazon’s advantage over Apple

Today, Amazon has announced the acquisition of social reading service, Goodreads. Specific terms of the deal weren’t disclosed and it should close by the end of Q2.