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If we were to describe his music with only four words, Mr. Mendel would be: disco, soul, afro, tropical!

sunshine boogie

Indeed, there’s no better way to express what Mr. Mendel certainly feels (and what MF absolutely loves). Expressing yourself after you find some soul, afro-beat, rhythm & blues and disco records somewhere in the dust,  thousands of album covers and the crackling sound of old vinyl that gets in you in the mood… The vibe definitely makes you enjoy life (no matter what problems you previously had in mind), don’t you think?

Mr. Mendel is an Amsterdam native who started out spinning records at the infamous Café de Duivel. This landed him a residency at Freakin Ill, an oldschool club night at Bitterzoet, Amsterdam. It was Waxwell Records that introduced him to soul, afro-beat, rhythm & blues and disco records. He instantly fell in love with the smell of dust and has developed his DJ’ing skills to an all-round style, collecting and spinning dance music from all corners of the globe with only one condition: “as long as it’s good soulful music”.

Always selecting passionate, intriguing tunes, Mr Mendel presents sexy melodies, funk filled basslines, energetic drums, exotic percussion and euphoric vocals. No wonder considering some of his influences and people he played alongside are DJ’s Rich Medina, Marcel Vogel, Rahaan, Sadar Bahar, Kon&Amir, Rob Manga…

So, in case you still haven’t heard, here it is:


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