New album from Anji Bee

Its the 10th anniversary of one of Anji Bee’s best-known songs, “Love Me Leave Me,” and she’s celebrating with a gorgeous all-new recording, co-produced by Ryan Lum of Lovespirals, and then remixed by a host of indie producers in a variety of electronic styles. 

anji bee

This second single features a dreamy Baeleric-infused chill out mix by Lovespirals, featuring extra backing vocals by Bee and additional instrumentation by Lum. The “flip side,” as it were, is a light and summery remix by German producer, Mr. Alfa, of Venus International. Bee had previously contributed vocals to Alfa Kay’s “Winter Sun” EP, and Kay contributed two remixes to Bee’s collaborative song with Karmacoda and Beth Hirsch, who is a frequent collaborator of Kay’s.

As part of an effort to raise funding for the release of her debut solo album of the same name, Bee is releasing a series of remix singles including mixes by The Grooveblaster, Karmacoda, The Morphism and Den Jones. Follow Anji Bee to stay informed or sign up for the mailing list for special “unplugged” mix FREE DOWNLOAD.



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