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Terry Hunter goes Bang

As they say in Chicago, “Bang is a state of mind, a state of sound, a state of dance.” There’s no argument here.

What a week in the Garden

WOW, now that’s what we like to call a damn good week! Wonderful music, wonderful people, wonderful vibe – all in one – THE GARDEN FESTIVAL!

A Guy Called Gerald Interview

Here’s the third in our series of Gamechanger interviews, this time featuring A Guy Called Gerald, the man behind the timeless classic Voodoo Ray.

Alice Russell on tour

We are happy to announce Alice’s North American Fall Tour! Take a look at dates, cities…

Od Tita do Anonymousa – Share CyberPunk Akademija u Rijeci

Share CyberPunk Akademija će se održati u sklopu festivala Republika, u Rijeci, od 18. do 20. srpnja te će publiku upoznati s novim formama aktivizma i svježim pristupima primjene novih medija i naprednih tehnologija.

Dobar sadržaj daleko se čuje

Čini se da se dobar glas o ovoj radionici čuo još dalje, jer je prva radionica Copyraonica rasprodana u samo 48 sati. No, ne brinite, 15. srpnja održava se nastavak…

Rockpaperstartups: Google Ventures, Paypal, Facebook…

Dnevni red Netokracijine konferencije RockPaperStartups je objavljen! Pogledajte raspored predavanja kako biste znali koga, gdje i kada možete očekivati u Rijeci, u kompleksu Rikard Benčić, 18. i 19. srpnja.

Inner City Blues

Marvin Gaye performing Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler). (C) 1971 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Novation – Hot Sugar x MiniNova

Hot Sugar’s production techniques are a little unconventional in that he uses found sounds as the sonic source for most of the elements in his tracks. It was because of this that Hot Sugar was invited to dig into the MiniNova’s sound-processing and synthesis capabilities to see what it can do.

Amazing Underwater Reef Fishing

Divers in Indonesia have a clever but dangerous fishing technique. Using a thousand metre long net line, the divers capture around 50% of a reef’s fish. The dive is fraught with dangers not least symptoms known as the bends.