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Joachim Tielke

He is responsable for more then 130 instruments we know today, including violins and guitars. October 14th is his day.

Peep show

New, interactive way of presenting dance-theatre and other types of performing art in public space.

New ASUS Windows 8 Tablet

The Asus Vivo Tab RT, formerly known as the Tablet 600, is now available for pre-order.

Piano phenomenon

103 years ago, american jazz pianist and virtuoso, a musician who played with phenomenal facility despite being nearly blind since birth, Arthur “Art” Tatum, Jr. was born.

The Sun and the Beat

SUNceBEAT – a worldwide gathering of likeminded musical souls is getting ready for its 4th edition. Make your reservations on time!

“Iko Iko” or “Jock-A-Mo”?

Last month he left us. Today would be his 78th birthday. Luckily for us, music is timelless. James “Sugar Boy” Crawford!

Comfortable chairs

Did you ever stop for a minute to think about chairs? If you spend a lot of your time sitting, maybe thinking about quality chairs isn’t such a wast of time.

Design your perfect home!

“A house is a machine for living in.” How do we get that machine to be functional and beautiful at the same time, especially if we don’t have good drawing skills or don’t even have the idea how our perfect home should look like?

Modern camping

If you’ve never really been interested into camping and it hasn’t been “your thing” or if you’ve always loved camping and enjoy spending time in the nature, either way, this is for you.

Little something for audiophiles

Listening to music via mobile isn’t always such a pleasure since most people are usually not quite satisfied with the quality of sound. Of course, like anything else, that too can be changed.

Garden & Electric Elephant 2013!

Once again The Garden and Electric Elehant will be teaming up to offer you a limited number of double whammy tickets at a discounted price of just 150 Quid for both weekends! WOW!!!

Mr. Schwarz is back with something new…

Henrik Schwarz has something new for all his fans. It’s called Take Words In Return. Listen how it sounds and tell us how you like it.

Where to stay while in Istria

The best place where you can spend your vacation depends on what you want from your vacation. If it’s peace and quiet then welcome to Hacienda Rosemary!

Jewelry designer needed!

Jewelry designer with hard metal experience (titanium, steel, accessories) needed!

Michael Mayer’s “Mantasy Tour”

Renown DJ and Kompakt co-owner, Michael Mayer shall shortly embark on his most ambitious tour ever in support of his sophomore full length “Mantasy” out October 22nd.

Kompakt’s Walls in Tate Modern

A show by Orange Dot, David Kraftsow and Jack Thomas – 11 minute piece of music as part of Tate Modern’s ‘Tate Tanks’ series of events

Fish and chips for your ears

Today we are happy to present something nice for your ears: Fish & Chips by Eddie Logix!

Los Transatlanticos new single!

The idea was to mix and fuse Latin and Caribbean music with modern urban sounds from Europe.