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Our future lies in “Noah’s architecture”?

Due to climate changes that we witness each day, floods of biblical proportions are something that we can think of as our possible future. The group of architects are trying to save us from that…

Google symbol now as a bird house

Taiwan artist Shuchun Hsiao has made an interesting project. He used Google symbol to make an interesting, lovely bird houses.

Eglo Records Vol. 1 – anniversary compilation

The London label’s history from 2008. to 2011. will be out next month as a double-CD and there’s certainly no better way to celebrate their first four years then through this compilation.

First names announced for PITCH festival 2013

The third edition of the two-day event will be on July 5th and 6th, 2013 and will take place at an old industrial site in Amsterdam’s west that houses five indoor venues and one outdoor stage.

Spiritual jazz 4: Americans in Europe

The best way to find out how American jazz musicians developed their music while being in Europe, how they evolved during that time and how the experience of being a musician in Europe shaped their lives.

17th International Passive House Conference

The extensive conference program will encompass over 70 presentations devoted to practical experiences and the latest developments in energy efficient architecture…

R.I.P. Emilio Santiago

Former law student, Emilio Santiago’s first recordings were almost always alongside the cream of Brazil’s musicians and it has stayed that way until today.

Louie Vega’s Eclipse on sale now!

Fania Records announced today the release of Elements Of Life ‘Eclipse,’ a 2-disc album from Louie Vega’s critically acclaimed live orchestral project.

No more work with Tarantino

The legendary composer Ennio Morricone recently declared that he doesn’t want to collaborate with american director Quentin Tarantino anymore…

Propellerhead introduces Reason 7

For the first time, the software includes an external MIDI instrument device, allowing Reason users to stay synced when working outside of the box.

“Introducing, Bart&Baker”

Bart Sampson and Jo Baker are releasing their first EP! The vinyl will be out on March 23rd and the digital release on March 26th 2013. All thanks to Entouka Productions.

Planes (sneak peek)

Over the last few decades, many studios have tried to create that special vibe in their animation movies, that magic that Pixar studio has, but there is only one Pixar…

And the winner is…

New payphone design with free Wi-Fi access and interactive advertising seems to be the winner of a NYC Reinvent Payphones design challenge…

Google Play News

Google appears to be preparing to launch a newspaper to complement the apps, music, books, magazines, and movies it already offers in its Android store.

First taste of Scrimshire’s new album

The first taster of Scrimshire’s highly anticipated third opus, “Bight”, exemplifies progressions made both as a singer-songwriter and producer since his acclaimed second album, “The Hollow”.

Mellow Fusion Radio Show #058 & Nightports

New episode of Mellow Fusion Radio Show is out and as usual we have prepared some good music for you. This time there’s material to remix so if you feel creative make sure to find out more about it…

5th annual Thursday WMC smackdown

PillowTalk, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, Tanner Ross, Slow Hands, No Regular Play, Nick Monaco, Navid Izadi, Night Plane, DJ Kon, Will Renuart – next Thursday (March 21st) at Electric Pickle (Miami)…

Buried Treasure

New label set up by Jonathan Radford and Alan Gubby, two UK producers with a fine pedigree in creating floor friendly funk, edits, remixes & electronic grooves, or better known as Diesler & Jung Collective…

Simply the best: home made cosmetics

Did you know that almost each hair care product can be made at home, using only supplies from nature? Yes, it is possible and here you can find out how…

New signings Anushka prepare to drop debut EP

Drawing on the UK’s rich heritage of scattered snares, sub low rumble and breakbeat culture in its myriad forms, Anushka release their debut – Yes Guess EP – digitally on 15th April 2013 via Brownswood…