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Gregory Porter & Gilles Peterson LIVE

Gilles brings rising jazz giant Gregory Porter to Oval Space in Bethnal Green for what is sure to be an epic session. Be prepared – May 9th, 2013.

What do you think of Flash Mob?

The most interesting comment will get a musical present from MF – finest collection of 10 albums that were released in 2012 (at BBE Records, Jazzman Records, Lovemonk and many more). Feel free to express yourself…

Lady 6 returns with “Ikarus”

She’s been called “New Zealand’s answer to Erykah Badu” and she’s back with her new single…

Armin van Buuren goes dubstep

Although he is known for his unique brand of epic stadium trance, it appears that the producer Armin van Buuren is moving away from his roots for new album ‘Intense’.

Out now: “Neon Hurts My Eyes”

Natural Self’s fourth album is out on Tru Thoughts. Check out this warm electronic music that’s being futuristic and nostalgic, all at once.

Smart skyscrapers of the year 2050

By 2050. the population of Earth will be around nine billion people, and three-fourths of them will be living in cities – a call for finding highly efficient ways of using space…

10 most anticipated smartphones for 2013

The progress of technology can be clearly judged when it comes to smartphones, but there are lot more features still to come in the years ahead of us…

Owiny Techno

Owiny Sigoma Band have once again prepared something great for us. The track is called Owiny Techno and it’s the lead track from their forthcoming album.

Freaky slide down icy mountain

Helmet cams have opened up a whole new video perspective for us, sometimes giving us glimpses into some of the most awesome, and terrifying, moments of extreme sports.

The battery is not so good after all…

The iPhone has a flaw, and it’s not a minor one. In fact, it affects every single one of the over 100 million sold so far, and there is no real solution yet in sight.

Call for DJs…

Ever wanted to make it as a professional DJ? Especially on Ibiza? Well then this might be the call you’ve been waiting for…

The power of colours

As a powerful tool to achieve physical and emotional balance, colours are actually our closest friends, always accessible when it comes to raising the quality of our lives.

Thank you Rig Out

A nice soft Balearic-Disco-House vibe mix… Thank you Steve Lee, thank you Rig Out.

Valerian for inner peace

Depression, anxiety, hypochondria… Many of these and similar problems can all be solved with a tea. Of course, only if it is valerian tea.

“Re-Record Not Fade Away”

Good news coming from BBE: the new Yesking album will be released next week! Check out his track “Devil Inside”…

Art really doesn’t sleep!

After proudly presenting Adrian Younge and his band with their last record, ArtDontSleep has more good news. Adrian is set to release two new records, both of them very interesting collaborations…

Walls – Ecstatic

WALLS return and change things up for 2013 by premiering a new track ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’, as part of a hybrid live/mix session, a psychedelic experience to warp the dance floor…