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Bizarre: No more nuts in the U.S.?

According to the ruls of FDA, Diamond Foods will no longer be able to sell nuts in the US, apparently because they were expressing the good characteristics of those nuts???

Algae-powered building?

Splitterwerk Architects have designed such a structure for the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg and is slated to open this month!

A damn fine selection of music

Paper Radio is back with a heavyweight dose of music, interviews and mixes. Ben Davis (Flash Atkins), 2 Billion Beats, Terry Farley, Rocky (X-Press 2), Tom from Psychemagik and more…

Half decade, half price, but full program!

One of our favorite radio stations, SuperflyFM, is celebrating it’s fifth birthday and in adition to that they have a party: half decade – half price – full program!

One more festival in Croatia this summer

It’s the Lighthouse Festival that will take place in Poreč (the city in the region called Istria, in Croatia) and so far the line up includes Round Table Knights, Jimpster and many others…

Smart meets Stylish

In a class of its own, one of the most beautiful and unique looking RV’s on the road today, Leisure Travel Vans present the 2013. Serenity!

Truth and Soul Records: Lady – ‘Get Ready’ (45 Edit)

The transatlantic duo of Nicole Wray and Terri Walker, better know as Lady, has recently gave us something nice to enjoy. Of course, it’s their wonderful soul music and yes, now it is finally available!

Jazz for Babies

No more dreaded music box or computerized baby music albums with poorly produced synthetic sounds! Whirlwind Recordings has something brand new for you and it’s called…

“Thanks For Trying” out soon!

DJ and producer The Last Skeptik is about ready to release his new album, “Thanks For Trying”. It is expected to come out in April this year, on BBE Records.

Dimensions Accommodation – on sale

Rrent a private apartment or villa, stay in a holiday home, hotel, hostel or in the nearby campsite. There is something to suit every budget.

The Sun

Feeling a bit tired of winter, snow and cold days without much sun, a bit depressed and without energy? Scientists say that the main reason for such feelings is the sun you are missing.

Wah Wah 45s: Lea Lea

They call her the mistress of dark electronic soul. “Black or White” is her new single and the video for it is here!

E.B. – Musical Investigation

The first EP from Esmeralda Bertolutti on Raw Matter Recordings, called Musical Investigation, presents a delicious & pumping house style made by this shy woman with a big heart.

25 beaches you should see this year

There’s no need to explain what it’s all about, just take a look for yourself and find out which beach is the best one for you…

Presenting “I Wanna Jewelry”

Nice work coming from young croatian artist Ivana Tomac. She’s mainly focused on jewlery, but our guess is that in the future we can definitely expect more…

StormFly – USB 3.0 wristband

Spain-based startup Now Computing has big plans for its wearable USB 3.0 wristband that can be used to boot an entire operating system on almost any Mac or PC, out of the box.

Secret islands in Europe

Ever wish you could beat the summer crowds and find your own paradise? Maybe a getaway that only the locals know about? Believe it or not, Europe is full of islands that are still waiting to be discovered by tourists.

Jazzy vibrations with butter rhymes

Atlanta MC known under the name Yani Mo wrecks laid back instrumentals with a soft touch akin to Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets.

How do we make more jobs?

Jennifer Granholm has a big idea: Invest in new alternative energy sources. Of course, along with that goes the big challenge: Can it be done with or without our broken Congress?