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Our future lies in “Noah’s architecture”?

Due to climate changes that we witness each day, floods of biblical proportions are something that we can think of as our possible future. The group of architects are trying to save us from that…

Smart skyscrapers of the year 2050

By 2050. the population of Earth will be around nine billion people, and three-fourths of them will be living in cities – a call for finding highly efficient ways of using space…

Cute cube house for winter

Famed architect and architecture professor Simon Ungers built a cube house. Here’s the tour with Cornell architecture student Giffen inside this amazing, offbeat home.

Algae-powered building?

Splitterwerk Architects have designed such a structure for the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg and is slated to open this month!

Fast Sketch – Modern Architecture

Ever felt like designing modern architecture? Here’s a short, but very good video that might help you express your hidden talent!

Enter The Yurt

Enter The Yurt, a circular building originated by nomads. Here we take oyu to a more permanent version in Ithaca, New York.

Design your perfect home!

“A house is a machine for living in.” How do we get that machine to be functional and beautiful at the same time, especially if we don’t have good drawing skills or don’t even have the idea how our perfect home should look like?