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Terry Hunter goes Bang

As they say in Chicago, “Bang is a state of mind, a state of sound, a state of dance.” There’s no argument here.

“Thanks For Trying” out soon!

DJ and producer The Last Skeptik is about ready to release his new album, “Thanks For Trying”. It is expected to come out in April this year, on BBE Records.

Izgradnja vjetroparka, za i protiv

O razlozima za i protiv pročitajte i prosudite sami. Treba li općini Fužine vjetropark na lokaciji na kojoj se predlaže. Naravno, MF ne bi bio to što jest da vam pritom ne ponudi i nešto za vaše uši….

“A Love Surreal” coming out in a week

Never one to disappoint, Bilal is set to present a musical experience with “A Love Surreal” that is sure to be talked about as well as praised for many years to come.

Coming out tomorrow: Best of BBE 2012!

A compilation of all those good stuff that BBE has given us this year, comes out tomorrow. Take a minute and listen to some of the finest tunes you’ll be able to enjoy there…

Winter sale!

Big BBE Winter Sale 2012. starts now! 50% off on all physical products. Click to find out more…

Hot and fresh!

As always, BBE has something great for us. The single Boddhi Satva – Nankoumandjan (Ancestral Dékalé Remix) came out yesterday. Check it out!