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And the winner is…

New payphone design with free Wi-Fi access and interactive advertising seems to be the winner of a NYC Reinvent Payphones design challenge…

Algae-powered building?

Splitterwerk Architects have designed such a structure for the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg and is slated to open this month!

Florida Villa, Alicante, Spain

Grand Designs Abroad saw Kevin McCloud travelling overseas as different people set out to create their dream homes.

Fast Sketch – Modern Architecture

Ever felt like designing modern architecture? Here’s a short, but very good video that might help you express your hidden talent!

Build and design your own apps

“Create your own mobile app” product called AppMachine lets you build and design apps in no time and with practically no skills.

First 3D printing pen

3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen, costs 50 dolars and gives a whole new perspective to art, designing and creativity.

Jewelry designer needed!

Jewelry designer with hard metal experience (titanium, steel, accessories) needed!