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Amazing Underwater Reef Fishing

Divers in Indonesia have a clever but dangerous fishing technique. Using a thousand metre long net line, the divers capture around 50% of a reef’s fish. The dive is fraught with dangers not least symptoms known as the bends.

Puresang “Departures”

A professional documentary where the viewer is taken away in the lives of two very enthusiastic talents in the electronic dance scene.

Growing Up in the Tiger Family

In a group of Tigers in the Indian Jungle, the male and female cubs are growing fast, and they develop their fighting skills by sparring with each other.

The city of Sibiu

Visit to the transylvanian city of Sibiu (Romania) that was first chiefly populated by German settlers who were invited by the Hungarian king in the 12th century. Today the city is part of Romania, but still has a very active, though small, German population.

Tiger Cub’s First Kill

In a stunning sequence shot in India, a Tigress ambushes and stuns a Samba Deer before leaving it for her young cub, who is learning how to hunt, to actually kill it.

Jaguar vs. Crocodile

Deep in the jungle, a jaguar goes fishing for baby crocodile. It’s jaws versus paws in a fight to the death.

Tiger – Spy in the Jungle

A stunning Tigress hunts a deer through thick grass in the Indian Jungle, as her four beautiful cubs stay behind and watch.