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Terry Hunter goes Bang

As they say in Chicago, “Bang is a state of mind, a state of sound, a state of dance.” There’s no argument here.

Blaike – DJsounds Show 2013

Blaike joins Dan Tait on the show, brining some fresh House and Garage. Download from:

Only 3 days left…

Enjoy the new Coma single from their forthcoming album “In Technicolor”. The single will be released in just 3 days and for the album you’ll have to wait a bit more…

Eglo Records Vol. 1 – anniversary compilation

The London label’s history from 2008. to 2011. will be out next month as a double-CD and there’s certainly no better way to celebrate their first four years then through this compilation.

Mellow Fusion Radio Show #058 & Nightports

New episode of Mellow Fusion Radio Show is out and as usual we have prepared some good music for you. This time there’s material to remix so if you feel creative make sure to find out more about it…