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“Why Don’t You Do Right?”

Having wowed tastemakers across the board with her debut album, “Barefoot In Your Kitchen”, in 2012 saucy songstress and culinary linguist Bev Lee Harling returns with a one-off single covering one of her favourite songs of all time.

Incognito Live

At Java Jazz Festival Jakarta 2009 – so nice to remember this… Enjoy!

Eglo Records Vol. 1 – anniversary compilation

The London label’s history from 2008. to 2011. will be out next month as a double-CD and there’s certainly no better way to celebrate their first four years then through this compilation.

Spiritual jazz 4: Americans in Europe

The best way to find out how American jazz musicians developed their music while being in Europe, how they evolved during that time and how the experience of being a musician in Europe shaped their lives.

Buried Treasure

New label set up by Jonathan Radford and Alan Gubby, two UK producers with a fine pedigree in creating floor friendly funk, edits, remixes & electronic grooves, or better known as Diesler & Jung Collective…