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What a week in the Garden

WOW, now that’s what we like to call a damn good week! Wonderful music, wonderful people, wonderful vibe – all in one – THE GARDEN FESTIVAL!

And what about destiny?

In this tale Prager probes deep questions of nature, nurture, self-deception and destiny… Inspiration for all of us, that’s for sure!

The switch that turns off depression?

A dramatic look at emerging techniques, in which a woman with Parkinson’s instantly stops shaking and brain areas eroded by Alzheimer’s are brought back to life.

We all need hope

As a child growing up in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee thought her country was “the best on the planet.” It wasn’t until 90s that she began to wonder. She escaped the country at 14… Here’s her story.

10 once-in-a-lifetime trips

We’ve done some research and picked out some of our favorite ways to spend time so here it is.

The oldest ship that’s still floating

Go inside the Yankee Ferry: The oldest ship still floating on the eastern seaboard. See what this grandma has turned into a home as unique as rainbow hair color.

Extraordinary living spaces

So here are some of the most beautiful living spaces around the world that we found and collected for you. Enjoy and maybe even get an idea or two on how to redecorate your home…

Our future lies in “Noah’s architecture”?

Due to climate changes that we witness each day, floods of biblical proportions are something that we can think of as our possible future. The group of architects are trying to save us from that…

17th International Passive House Conference

The extensive conference program will encompass over 70 presentations devoted to practical experiences and the latest developments in energy efficient architecture…

Light without electricity?

Cheap, water-filled plastic bottle bulbs are lighting up shanty towns and transforming the lives of the poor in the Philippines. A film by Marion Hütter.

Be brilliant and stay brilliant

The founder and CEO of Complete Coherence Ltd, recognized as an international expert on leadership and human performance, Dr. Alan Watkins talks about being brilliant every single day.

Simply the best: home made cosmetics

Did you know that almost each hair care product can be made at home, using only supplies from nature? Yes, it is possible and here you can find out how…

Do you think you have design savvy?

Play Splurge or Sweden and test your design IQ. Can you tell a splurge, an expensive item, from a sweden, Ikea?

Walk through Szeged

City report from Szeged, the third largest city in Hungary and home to a large student population.

Great Escapes: Spa Holidays

According to the latest vacation trends in Europe there’s a rising popularity of spa vacations. Here’s one near Stuttgart. Nice, isn’t it?

The city of Sibiu

Visit to the transylvanian city of Sibiu (Romania) that was first chiefly populated by German settlers who were invited by the Hungarian king in the 12th century. Today the city is part of Romania, but still has a very active, though small, German population.

Valerian for inner peace

Depression, anxiety, hypochondria… Many of these and similar problems can all be solved with a tea. Of course, only if it is valerian tea.

Smart meets Stylish

In a class of its own, one of the most beautiful and unique looking RV’s on the road today, Leisure Travel Vans present the 2013. Serenity!

Florida Villa, Alicante, Spain

Grand Designs Abroad saw Kevin McCloud travelling overseas as different people set out to create their dream homes.

25 beaches you should see this year

There’s no need to explain what it’s all about, just take a look for yourself and find out which beach is the best one for you…