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Out now: MFRS #056!

Enjoy the wonderful sound of Positive Flow, Syrossan & Nyra, Phonique and others, and as a very special dessert, there’s one very special version of one very special song…

Out now: Mellow Fusion Radio Show 051!

Mellow Fusion Radio Show is back with tunes that we felt you simply need to hear about. Enjoy this wonderful, musical journey!

Garden & Electric Elephant 2013!

Once again The Garden and Electric Elehant will be teaming up to offer you a limited number of double whammy tickets at a discounted price of just 150 Quid for both weekends! WOW!!!

Mr. Schwarz is back with something new…

Henrik Schwarz has something new for all his fans. It’s called Take Words In Return. Listen how it sounds and tell us how you like it.

Jewelry designer needed!

Jewelry designer with hard metal experience (titanium, steel, accessories) needed!

Here we go!

Since this is our first text here, we can only say welcome to Mellow Fusion!