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What a week in the Garden

WOW, now that’s what we like to call a damn good week! Wonderful music, wonderful people, wonderful vibe – all in one – THE GARDEN FESTIVAL!

10 once-in-a-lifetime trips

We’ve done some research and picked out some of our favorite ways to spend time so here it is.

The oldest ship that’s still floating

Go inside the Yankee Ferry: The oldest ship still floating on the eastern seaboard. See what this grandma has turned into a home as unique as rainbow hair color.

Walk through Szeged

City report from Szeged, the third largest city in Hungary and home to a large student population.

Smart meets Stylish

In a class of its own, one of the most beautiful and unique looking RV’s on the road today, Leisure Travel Vans present the 2013. Serenity!

25 beaches you should see this year

There’s no need to explain what it’s all about, just take a look for yourself and find out which beach is the best one for you…

Secret islands in Europe

Ever wish you could beat the summer crowds and find your own paradise? Maybe a getaway that only the locals know about? Believe it or not, Europe is full of islands that are still waiting to be discovered by tourists.

Ryanair is opening a base in Croatia!

The base, Ryanair’s 54th in the world, and the 1st in Croatia, will be at Zadar Airport on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast.

The beauty of Sri Lanka

A short video that reminds us of how beautiful our nature is. This time we take a little virtual trip to Sri Lanka.

Modern camping

If you’ve never really been interested into camping and it hasn’t been “your thing” or if you’ve always loved camping and enjoy spending time in the nature, either way, this is for you.

Garden & Electric Elephant 2013!

Once again The Garden and Electric Elehant will be teaming up to offer you a limited number of double whammy tickets at a discounted price of just 150 Quid for both weekends! WOW!!!